The 4 Execution Habits: Follow Up, Follow Through, C.O.P.E.


Online Learn and Lead Huddle. Includes online access to one 30-day course (each course includes videos, quizzes, and follow-up activities) plus a facilitation guide for either a peer-to-peer or remote webinar follow up meeting.



This Huddle teaches the 4 Execution Habits of Approachable Leaders. The habits are based on the C.O.P.E. model. Leaders C.O.P.E. with the overwhelming pressures on their time by focusing on the key habits of execution:

  1. Capture: You cannot act until you Capture. Follow-up items captured get done. Those that don’t get lost. Make Capture easy, convenient, and always available.
  2. Organize: After you Capture you must Organize. Otherwise your follow-through will be scattered, inconsistent, and haphazard.
  3. Prioritize: Next you must Prioritize. Identify important but not urgent tasks on your list. Pick your MIT (most important task) and do it before you work on urgent tasks. This practice separates the leaders from the busy, ineffective leaders.
  4. Execute: Rubber, meet road. Act on your list. Limit distractions. Build momentum with small wins. Start.


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