Disappearing Act: How the Best Leaders Motivate Others


This Huddle teaches how the best leaders motivate others:

  1. The Biggest Lie We Tell Leaders: First the bad news: you can’t motivate anyone. People are motivated for their own reasons, not yours. This is the key to real leadership.
  2. Why the Best Leaders “Disappear”: The most important motivation research ever done shows that managers are actually demotivators, unless they learn this one leadership “magic trick.”
  3. The Right Way to Motivate: You can overthink (and overdo) motivation. Now that you understand the research, discover some practical ways to adopt the “disappearing act” into your daily habits.

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Online Learn and Lead Huddle. Includes online access to one 30-day course (each course includes videos, quizzes, and follow-up activities) plus a facilitation guide for either a peer-to-peer or remote webinar follow up meeting.


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