The Hero Assumption: How Leaders Make (or Break) Teams


Online Learn and Lead Huddle. Includes online access to one 30-day course (each course includes videos, quizzes, and follow-up activities) plus a facilitation guide for either a peer-to-peer or remote webinar follow up meeting.

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This Huddle teaches the Hero Assumption and the first question of Approachable Leaders, Do You Have What You Need?:

  1. The Hero Assumption: This means assuming that your teammates want to do great work. Making this assumption (or its opposite, the Villain Assumption) will change how you act toward your teammates. This influences how your teammates act, reinforcing either the good or bad behavior.
  2. Recognizing Sources & Tendencies for assumptions: Where do assumptions come from? What are the default assumptions made to typical scenarios?
  3. Triggers: Identify If/Then triggers to encourage choosing Hero Assumptions.


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