Continuing Your Leadership Journey: Where Are YOU Going?


Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Where will you go next?

Now that you have completed the core teachings of Approachable Leadership it is time to begin mapping the next phase of your journey. In this lesson you will:

  1. Look Back: Take a little time to appreciate and celebrate how far you and your teammates have come in your leadership journey (so far).
  2. Map Out a New Destination: Assess your own strengths and development opportunities. Then begin mapping out your next most valuable area to grow.
  3. Look for Guides: Who else can help you on this new phase of your journey? Compare your own development plans with others. Don’t go it alone.

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Online Learn and Lead Huddle. Includes online access to one 30-day course (each course includes videos, quizzes, and follow-up activities) plus a facilitation guide for either a peer-to-peer or remote webinar follow up meeting.


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