Why Positive Feedback is Important

Positive feedback and recognition is simply powerful. Done right, it motivates, it lifts morale, it leads to better productivity, it contributes to less turnover, and it makes your job as a supervisor much easier.

Positive feedback ties right back to some of our core assumptions about humans.  Remember our assumption that PEOPLE ARE THE HERO IN THEIR STORY? When we provide positive feedback, we are affirming that assumption – we are confirming what people think about themselves – that they do good work, that they are vested in the success of the team and the company.

Also, remember the Pygmalion Effect. The more we recognize and highlight the good work that people do, the more they desire to live up to that expectation they have in themselves – the HERO assumption. Our recognition of the good work that people do (positive feedback) amplifies how people feel about themselves, motivating them to continue doing good work! It becomes a virtuous cycle.

But it does take work. Positive feedback can be wasted if not done properly, and it can backfire if it is perceived as not genuine or as a manipulation technique.

Why Positive Feedback is Important